One Zany World is the name the humorous main full color comic strip.  It is the sequel to Captain Charlie where he encountered the Blobians for the first time.  They are now stranded on Earth and live with Charlie.  For more details on them, check out the Characters page.  One Zany World will post on Mondays.  The first comic strip is here.

Captain Charlie was a comic strip published back in college, and it involves a character called Charlie.  He gets a suit in the mail and then proceeds to have many zany adventures.  The first comic strip is here.

There are other comic strips on you can check out by clicking on the triangle by Select Chapter under More Zany Comic Strips heading.

Zany Classics are re-posted comic strips for new readers.  Many are improved versions of the original.

Chris Kile is the creator and artist of all cartoons you will see on this site.  He drew comics growing up and eventually got some comic strips published in a college newspaper.  Then, real life after school took over.  He got a job and did not do much art other than doodling.  Many years later Chris saw webcomics on the internet and decided to draw again and start this zany website.

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